About Us

History and background

 About London Somali Youth Forum Founded and led by Somali young people and youth organisations. It collaborates with Somali youth organisations and local, national and international youth organisations.

About the Somali community in the UK

The Somali community is a relatively new community to the UK. Unlike many other migrant groups, many Somalis in the UK have come to the UK as refugees. The UK has given them shelter, but they may not necessarily have chosen to leave Somalia. This creates a sense of separation, that the UK may be a temporary home, but also a degree of gratitude and desire to give something back.

The LSYF strategy in response to the challenge n Provides a pan London, unified voice with critical mass, which can represent the needs and interests of young Somalis across the city. n Bridges the gap between young Somalis who want to access services but don’t know how, and services that want to provide support but don’t know how to access the community. This includes education, social services, police etc n Uses the critical mass of the organisation to create awareness of the issues that concern young Somalis, such as poor educational attainment etc., and act as a strong and influential advocate.

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